This Russian Photographer Takes “Follow Me” Pose To A Whole New Naught Level

The follow me pose was once a thing but now it has become old. But with the rise of social media platforms, people always like to spice things up and this Russian photographer knows how to spice up the things.Be Happy was once decided on for the competition below the ‘Little Directors’ category. Samaira 10 showcased her performing talents and likewise played a key function as a cinematographer.Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim and Shekhar Kapur’s daughter Kaveri Kapur were additionally part of the ingenious team of the film which used to be made two years ago.Karisma and her sister actress Kareena Kapoor at the side of Samaira watched the movie at a theatre in Hyderabad.The actress stated that the ethical of the story was beautiful. The moral is to be proud of what you will have delivered Karisma.

Follow me to the bathroom