People Are Losing Their Shit Over This Viral Riddle! Can You Solve It?


This exact riddle is making people go crazy! One of the most viral riddles of all time and not like your ordinary ‘Are you the next Einstein?

Wanna try it for yourself? Here are some tips which will help you…
Hexagon + Hexagaon + Hexagon = 45
Bananas + Bananas + Hexagon = 23
Bananas + Clock + Clock = 10
Clock + Bananas + Bananas x Hexagon = ??
Think Logically and try to find the value!
Tips :
1. Look closely at the clock.
2. Number of Bananas.
3. Some thing regarding the sides of the Shapes figure.
Hint: Look Closely at the picture and try to logically relate the values for each item.
Too tough? Don’t worry! Click below and wonder about the riddle.



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