How to Earn Maximum from Google AdSense ? Free Secret

Dream of Earning Online can come True


Understand Everything Before Getting Started :-

Earning Online is Now a days Very Effective , Many of us know everything but still facing lots of issues while trying to make/Earn Money online. So the main thing we need to understand is Niche . Like if you want to earn from website you need to define your niche first (Niche means Website Type/Category).

Although there are many other ways to earn online but there are few which are very effective and Peoples are Earning allot from Google AdSense and YouTube Monetization Program aswell.Well Prime Focus is Google AdSense So let me Explain you step by step how you can start earning from Google AdSense even if you have no knowledge about how to earn online.

Step 1 : Define your Niche :-

This First Step is Simple but Tricky too , Tricky in sense of selecting category , like which type of Website you can work on , Like for Example , Sports Site , Gaming , Music , News , Fashion , Health  Etc , You have Unlimited Choices BUT THE MAIN THING only go with that one about which you have maximum knowledge . This will help you in future , Thanks me Later 🙂 

Step 2 : Buy .com Domain Name

Keep in mind Domain is not just a Domain , it will be a Brand , a Well Established Website in future , So Work little hard and Search Best Domain Name for your website , You can Buy Domain and Hosting from or any other Local Domain Hosting Provider . So After Buying Domain and Hosting You Need to Setup WordPress on your Domain.

How to Setup WordPress ? :-  Check Easy Way to Setup WordPress 

Step 3 : Selecting Perfect Theme for WordPress Website:-

One thing Keep in mind your Website Earning on Google Adsense 100% Depended on your Theme you are Using , Maybe you have read many other blogs already regarding Adsense Earning but its my Formula or you can say its a Magic and you will be happy after you see results as you Follow my Steps.

WordPress Themes Comes in 2 Different Phases , The one which we call Free Themes and other Premium Themes , So am Giving you Premium Theme for Free 🙂 , Just want to make you guys feel Happy and Live – Learn – Earn and Teach to Others as well .

So Best WordPress Theme Which will give you best Earning is Publisher Powerful & Useful WordPress Magazine, Blog and Newspaper Theme.

You can download Premium Version of this Theme from THIS LINK.

Not for all of you but for many it will be Big and Massive Task to Step-up the Theme so here am giving you link to Follow all Instructions and Setup theme exactly like you see theme demo. CLICK HERE and understand everything about installing and setting up theme.

Step 4 .  How to Apply for Google Adsense

Step 5 . How to Get Google Adsense Approved (Best Tips)

Step 6 . Setting up Google Ads on your Blog.

Step 7. Managing your Website for Maximum Earning

Step 8 . Which Google Ads Sizes Works Better and Produce Highest Earning ?

Step 9 . Which Traffic Sources Works Perfect for Highest Earning ?

Step 10 . Things to keep in mind to stay Safe from.

Even sooner than I tell you one thing approximately Google AdSense income and also you learn in this instructional about tips & tips on how you’ll make tons of money from AdSense I wish to dedicate if there is any best cash making a choice on the internet then its AdSense. I have attempted virtually all of the online companies and sure I made cash from lots of them but when there’s anything which can provide you with such a lot money conveniently then its Google AdSense.

Sure there may be unlimited potential to become profitable from Google AdSense but still there are lots of other people in India and around the globe who do no longer have any thought on the best way to become profitable from AdSense. No longer simplest these there are people (I don’t recognize if they are residing in rock) who have not heard of this phrase AdSense. So I’m going to write this best AdSense tutorial holding the ones other people in mind. Many people I talk to approximately AdSense and after I provide an explanation for them in easy words that I have a website other people talk over with my site and once they click on on the Adsense advertisements on my website I make money. Most people say – But I never clicked on the sort of commercials and I think no one clicks. Are you one in all them? Then how hundreds of thousands of people around the globe are making 1000’s of dollars.






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