محمد شہزاد نے ٹی10لیگ میں چھکوں اور چوکوں کی برسات کر دی12گیندوں پر تیز ترین ففٹی !بولروں کا مار مار کربھڑکس نکال دیا


Moody said he had not believed reaching three-figures would be possible for a batsman in such an abbreviated format, but Shahzad’s feats had altered his view.

“If you had asked me that question before tonight, I would have said ‘No, there is no chance’,” Moody said.

“This is my first experience of a T10 game. Looking at the wicket, looking at the size of the ground, looking at the striking by Shahzad, there is no reason a batsman couldn’t reach a hundred.

“It would be an extraordinary performance if someone did. I would be surprised if we saw an innings like that again in the next two weeks.

“I think we have been treated to something pretty special.”

Of the 16 balls Shahzad faced, half went for six, and another six went for four. It was the latest in a catalogue of eye-catching displays by him in the UAE so far this season.

He scored a century that was similarly one-sided when Afghanistan tied with India in the Asia Cup in Dubai, and was also sparkling in the Afghanistan Premier League that followed in Sharjah.



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