سی پی ایل کا سنسنی خیز میچ!2گیندوں پر6رنز درکار!سہیل تنویر نے آخری گیند پر فلک شگاف چھکا لگا کر میچ جتوا دیا۔


The Guyana Amazon Warriors won a thriller against the Trinidad and Tobago Knight Riders last night. This win has put the Warriors in the final of the CPL 2018. It was a fantastic game of cricket and the Knight Riders were the favorites before the start of the game. They are also the defending champions in the event and hence everyone was putting their bets on Bravo and his men. Warriors were a weak side as compared to the Knight Riders but still they played some exceptional cricket and were able to get the win on the final ball of the match. The match kept swinging throughout the 40 overs. It was one of the best games we have seen in the event so far. Guyana lost some really important wickets at the ending stage of the match and at that point it was looking as if knight Riders will be able to make it to the finals once again. But that did not happen thanks to a stunning hit from none other than Sohail Tanvir. He is definitely enjoying his presence in the event.

In the final over Guyana needed ten odd runs and Bravo was the bowler. Now in such crucial moments Knight Riders had the best bowler to bowl that final over. Bravo has bowled a lot of overs like these and on many occasion he had saved even lesser runs which were here with him. Guyana were batting well but then they lost wickets and these wickets were very important. Now the pressure went back to the Warriors. They were getting runs in fact a boundary was scored as well in the final over at the start of it. But then wickets fell and we all know when such things happen the batting unit always comes under pressure. Most of the time they even lose the game as well. Bravo was bowling confidently. Then came in Sohail Tanvir. He was lucky that he got the final ball to face in that over. Three runs were needed on the final ball and there was no way Sohail and his partner could have run these three runs. The ground was not that big.

Sohail did not have much balls and there was a big hit needed. Only a boundary could have given the Warriors a win. Bravo as expected bowl a slow ball. We all know he loves to bowl those slow off cutters and this was the same ball. Now Sohail read it the moment Bravo bowled this ball. He somehow knew that Bravo would bowl a slow ball. Sohail waited for a bit and then slammed the ball straight. The line was outside the off stump and hence Sohail had the room as well. He went straight which was a good thing. A cross batted shot might have landed him in trouble. Now the ball hit the middle part of the bat and Sohail was able to hit the ball out of the park.



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