Special Words For Muhammad Nawaz By Ramiz Raja

Special Words For Muhammad Nawaz By Ramiz Raja

Kis Former President Ke Liye PIA Ke Plane Main Bhindi Ka Saalan Dubai Bheja Gia?On and off the field, in Pakistan cricket, it will be difficult to find a more stylish guy than Ramiz Raja. In Pakistan’s post-90s mess of scandal, grime and intrigue, he also emerged, importantly, as a rare guy of integrity and considerable dignity on the sphere and in administration. As an opening batsman Raja arrived on the scene the next Majid Khan.


 His fundamental game was constructed on forged, understated elegance. One of the leg-facet play was once outstanding and the flick to sq. leg soon turned into a signature stroke. Why he didn’t score more runs in Tests continues to be a thriller, though his significance to Pakistan’s strong ODI sides of the 80s and early 90s can’t be underestimated. Within the Global Cups of 1987 and 1992 he was once a key figure and in addition to taking the catch that won it for Pakistan in 1992, he scored two hundreds in the course of the tournament. His integrity and seniority helped him in captaining Pakistan late in his career, however the traits became of higher use after he retired. First, as a vibrant, dynamic chief govt of the Pakistan board he was once instrumental in bringing about a prosperous period in the early 2000s, together with negotiating a leap forward in Pakistan-India ties. The series won an important Laureus award for bringing the countries in combination via cricket. But through then he had also turn out to be an articulate voice of Pakistan across the world as a television commentator. That career has gone from power to potential so that in the up to date turmoil of Pakistan cricket, Raja’s has been an authoritative, informed and sane voice amid the madness.



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Special Words For Muhammad Nawaz By Ramiz Raja

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