Politician Spends $75 Million on Daughter’s Marriage

Politician Spends $75 Million on Daughter’s Marriage

Politician Spends $75 Million on Daughter’s MarriageAn Indian politician has attracted the fury of other people in the poverty-troubled usa by throwing an outrageously extravagant wedding for his daughter.




.The lavish bash is claimed to have value businessmen and ex-state minister Gali Janardhana Reddy an predicted 5bn rupees – that is an identical to £59million or $74million.Visitors had been invited to daughter Brahmani’s wedding with gold-plated invitations, while Bollywood stars carried out in a five-day extravaganza that critics have branded an ‘obscene show of wealth’.The wedding invitations arrived in a gold-plated field, containing a card environment out main points of the affair, and with an LED screen geared up into the lid.

The video that plays at the monitor presentations Brahmani wearing a series of fancy gowns, at the same time as her fiancé Rajeev Reddy is flanked by means of five white horses.In the meantime, Janardhan Reddy and his spouse lip-synch to a song that was once composed particularly for the wedding.The marriage kicked off simply days after the Indian govt announced an in a single day ban on 500 and 1,000 rupee notes in a crackdown on unlawful money holding.The government scrapped the two notes, making redundant the majority of currency that Indians use on a daily basis within the united states of america’s largely cash-primarily based economy.The transfer has hit low-source of revenue Indians hard, including traders and odd savers who depend at the cash economy.Many had been status in lengthy queues at banks to deposit expired money and trade notes for smaller denominations, and frustration in the usa is widespread.






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Politician Spends $75 Million on Daughter’s Marriage

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