India wants Fawad Khan Back! And They really mean it

India wants Fawad Khan Back!  And They really mean it

India wants Fawad Khan Back!  And They really mean it


1. He redefined the image of a Bollywood actor, sans any six pack
2. His eyes do the talking
3. He acts with conviction
4. He romances like there is no tomorrow
5. He can even play a guitar
6. And that smile cannot be missed
7. We love his voice, and accent too
8. He can steal the show even in a cameo

Given that time immemorial every Pakistani scholar, like students around the world, has tried to trick their teachers. Pranks have been played and gives were positioned on the table. However lecturers, being lecturers, clearly, have always been one step ahead of their students. However today, in any case, this one Pakistani scholar has discovered the easiest resolution to make his instructor do no matter what he needs to do.Meet Sohail Ahmed, the student

Sohail is a House Technological know-how student on the Institute of Space Generation in Islamabad. He is a talented pupil, in more ways than one.That is Zainab Saleem, the teacher Zainab teaches Area Flight Dynamics at The Institute of Area Era, Islamabad And right here’s the tale of the request that Sohail made and Zainab couldn’t refuse One fantastic day, Zainab came to elegance, considering she’ll have an peculiar lecture. She planned to show and get performed with her day. But Sohail and his classmates had other plans in mind.The students weren’t within the temper to review so that they made up our minds to ask for the trainer not to train that day, but they determined to take a look at a brand new approach, using Sohail’s proficient voice.



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