Agar Imran Khan Giraftar Hojata To main Sheikh Rasheed

Agar Imran Khan Giraftar Hojata To main Sheikh Rasheed

Agar Imran Khan Giraftar Hojata To main Sheikh Rasheed This e-book named Parliament Se Bazaar-e-Husn Tak, when first surfaced, caused many a ripples among other circles on an enormous scale, and it’s now considered as one of the unique e book providing an insight on the immoral lives of our so-referred to as leaders. It’s the replicate during which we see the reflection of our legislators and get to grasp what characterless leaders we did have in previous and what morally vulnerable leaders we’ve at present..

His political career started at the village platform the place he might attempt to garner reinforces from the local population alongside other speakers. Sheikh Rashid and his generations could continuously fail at this try and it has been said that they were not neatly preferred within the villages for no longer understanding the basic problems.

Later, he turned into the leader of Opposition in the Municipal Organization Rawalpindi. He was first elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan in 1985 normal elections as an self-governing candidate and joined Pakistan Muslim League a. He was due to this fact re-elected MNA for six times. All over October 2002 elections he was elected from two seats as an impartial candidate but misplaced one seat the home he tried to get his nephew re-opt for in through elections. The constituency is traditionally a stronghold of Pakistan Muslim League and in remaining by elections Nawaz Sharif issued parliamentary price ticket to a unknown worker who defeated him even though well-liked allegations of rigging and manipulation have been seen. He later gained the elections from the similar constituency in 2013 basic elections.

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Agar Imran Khan Giraftar Hojata To main Sheikh Rasheed

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